Sophie R Williams

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The Temper Trap - London Koko

Having family in Australia means that when you go there on holiday you’re treated to some lovely music on road trips. Last year The Temper Trap were pretty much the soundtrack to the whole holiday. And so when I heard they were playing Koko, I knew I had to go and see what they were like live. 


I really loved them. I forgot how many great songs they have and their new album was brilliant. 

What did make me laugh was the amount of Australians in Koko. I only heard one other British accent in the room. It felt like Australia day or something!


I stayed for the entire set which is probably a bit sneaky as I only had a photo pass but they were so good I just couldn’t leave halfway! The only problem with them? They didn’t play Fader! One of my favourite songs! Although they finished with Sweet Disposition which had a different edge live making the song sound a lot fresher. I’ve heard people say that Sweet Disposition has to be auto tuned but from hearing Dougy’s voice live, it sounds exactly the same as it does on record. 

A great concert indeed. As soon as I got home I downloaded all of their albums and  they’re the perfect soundtrack to the sudden summer we’re finally getting. 

Photos should appear in Clash soon.